Some Information on Propane and Propane Cylinders

Posted on: 27 February 2017


We use propane every day as a fuel source for many different applications.  Here are some things to know before you start using propane around your home or business. 

What You Should Know About Propane

As a gas, propane is heavier than air and can settle in low areas so if it leaks from the cylinder, you need to disperse the gas. If you have a leak, the fire department should be notified so they can come and properly remove the gas from the area. The gas has no color so you can not see it, but you can smell it if it is leaking. Propane is stored under extreme pressure as a liquid that becomes gas when released. The cylinders it is stored in are pretty durable but can rupture if they are abused or handled to rough so treat them with care when moving a cylinder around.

Cylinder Exchange Programs

In recent years, the most common propane cylinders used in our homes are available filled and ready to go. It used to be common to buy an empty cylinder that you would take to a propane company and have filled, but that has changed. Cylinders are typically purchased filled now and, when you empty one, exchanging it for a new cylinder that is prefilled makes it easy to get back up and running with whatever you are using the propane for. This is also the best way to keep people from bringing old, damaged, or worn cylinders in for filling. Those cylinders are simply replaced with new ones as they come in, reducing the potential for an accident or injury to the user.

Common Uses for Propane in the Home

Most homeowners have a gas grill that uses propane, but other uses can include using propane as a fuel for space heaters, outdoor kitchens and deep fryers, and even torches. There are also many commercial uses for propane that make it a valuable gas and very versatile. You can find ten-pound cylinders for your home at many home supply stores and larger department stores, hardware stores, and even some gas stations and in some locations, you can pay for the cylinder and retrieve it from the locked storage without having to even go into the store. The convenience of getting your cylinder exchanged when you need it, even after hours, is a great benefit if it is available.

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