What To Get When Starting A Parking Lot Business

Posted on: 28 August 2017


You may have recently invested your money into the parking lot business. There are plenty of people who may need to use this service because they are checking out a local attraction or simply need to go to work and would not want to worry about paying the toll on the meter throughout the day. If you are now the owner of a parking lot, there are some things you should get before you start allowing people to park their vehicles inside the lot.

Select an Ideal Parking Barrier System

It is necessary to have a barrier system in place. If you do not have a system, people could possibly park their vehicles in the lot without paying anything, which means you could get ripped off big time. There are different types of barrier systems available. However, automatic options are the most convenient. Consider looking into getting automatic barriers for your parking lot. The barriers would open as soon as the payment ticket is received and then they would close upon sensing a vehicle approaching.

You can choose the color and design of your barrier system. It is a great way to make the parking lot look even better. You might want to choose bright colors for the barriers to make them stand out. After all, you want people to have trust in using your parking lot. If the whole lot looks too dark and unorganized, people may not feel safe parking their valuable cars there.

Get a Parking Payment Machine

Make it easier for customers to get their ticket and go on their way. No one wants to sit around for several minutes trying to get a ticket for parking. You could have several parking payment machines installed directly on the lot. Customers would be able to pay with their cash or swipe their debit/credit cards with ease. The customers could decide how long they plan to have their vehicle parked in the lot and would then have their ticket printed out after they have made the payment. Having a convenient payment machine helps to save time and eliminate frustration.

Hire a Security Guard

Even after installing a parking barrier system and a payment machine, you should still consider hiring a security guard to monitor the area. The guard would be able to keep an eye on the different vehicles, making sure no one randomly starts breaking into them. You may need to hire more than one security guard if you are the owner of a multi-level parking lot.

If you have decided to open up your own parking lot, these are some of the things you should have before you start allowing cars to park there. With the right barrier system, some convenient payment machines and a security guard keeping watch, things should run smoothly. For more information, contact companies like Eastco; Mfg Corp.