Using A Hand Truck Safely

Posted on: 3 October 2017


Moving heavy objects from one place to another can be challenging. In order to ensure that you and your employees do not suffer serious physical injury while attempting to move heavy objects it can be beneficial to keep a hand truck available in your commercial space. Hand trucks make it possible for a single individual to move heavy items with ease, but these pieces of equipment can pose a hazard when used improperly.

Here are three tips that you can keep in mind to help you safely utilize hand trucks in the future.

1. Use the right hand truck for your moving needs.

In order to ensure your safety while moving heavy objects with a hand truck, you need to utilize the correct hand truck for the job. Both two and four-wheeled hand trucks are available on the market today.

Two-wheeled hand trucks are designed to be used with lightweight loads that can easily be stacked by a single individual. Loads that are awkwardly shaped or extremely heavy require the use of a four-wheeled hand truck. Be sure that your safety is preserved by utilizing the correct hand truck as you move heavy objects in the future.

2. Inspect your hand truck prior to use.

When moving a heavy load from one place to another, your hand truck will be subjected to a significant amount of force. To ensure that the equipment is capable of withstanding this force, you need to check that it is in good working condition.

You should take the time to conduct a visual inspection of the hand truck before loading it with items that need to be moved. Check the welds for signs of damage, look for bowing or signs of weakness in the frame, and ensure that the tires are properly inflated. Using a hand truck that is not structurally sound could place you at risk of suffering an injury.

3. Secure your loads prior to transport.

Once you have loaded the items that need to be moved onto your  hand truck, you should take the time to secure these items before you begin transporting them. Items that fall off while in transit can alter the center of gravity, causing your hand truck to topple.

Use nylon straps to secure your load in place so that an accident doesn't leave you open to injury while transporting heavy loads in the future.

Being able to safely use a hand truck will help ensure that you are able to safely and efficiently move heavy loads within your commercial space. Contact a dealer, like Garland's, Inc., for more help.