4 Tips For Selecting the Best Steel Fabricator For Your Construction Company

Posted on: 12 November 2017


If you own a construction company, having a good working relationship with a reputable steel fabricator, like Cincinnati Ventilating Company Inc, is absolutely essential. The company that you choose to do business with and the quality of the steel that they provide can make a huge difference in your company's reputation as well as your bottom line. Use the following tips to help you select the right steel fabrication company for your construction business: 

Ability and Area of Expertise

One of the first things to consider when choosing a steel fabrication company is their ability level and the types of steel fabrication they specialize in. Most steel fabricators tend to specialize in a specific type of fabrication, so if your construction company is in need of architectural metal fabrication, it is not in your best interest to work with a fabricator that primarily focuses on rebar fabrication. Choosing a steel fabricator that specializes in the type of steel that you need will increase the likelihood of a successful working relationship.


Generally, it is a good idea to search for a steel fabricator that has been in business for a while and has a lot of real-world experience. A steel fabricator who has years of real-world experience will likely have competent project managers, estimators who can take project details and break them down into a detailed cost analysis, and well-trained tradesmen who are certified. 

Level of Customer Service

When your construction company is working with a steel fabricator, you need to know that your business is valued and that exemplary customer service and support will be provided. A good steel fabricator will be easy to communicate with via phone, email, or onsite; will be dependable and provide orders on time; and will have a contingency plan in case of problems to help ensure that your project is not delayed due to issues with the fabrication of your steel. 

Quality of the Steel

While all construction companies want to make a profit, you should never use inferior steel that is cheaper in order to pad the bottom line. Choosing to use low-quality steel will eventually catch up with your company and damage its reputation. Focus on looking for a steel fabricator that takes pride in delivering a high-quality product. Always ask about the quality control measures that are in place, as well as how the fabricator prepares for mandated inspections. A reputable steel fabricator will be very transparent about their product and their fabrication process.