Maintenance Tips for Overhead Cranes

Posted on: 19 January 2021


Overhead cranes can lift a lot of weight and also grant you access to hard-to-reach areas around a worksite. If you want your site's overhead crane to continue to provide these great benefits for a long time, then learn about the following maintenance advice. 

Inspect Hoist Section Carefully

The hoist is integral to an overhead crane's performance, and because it's used so often, you want to check its condition as often as you can. Corrosion and wear can happen around this component, which are problems you would want to address before using the overhead crane again.

If you get in the habit of walking around the hoist section before every load, then you'll know when to intervene and have repairs completed for problems that warrant them. If there aren't issues with the hoist section, you can carry on and make operators feel better about its condition.

Ensure Crane Is Properly Aligned

Before you begin to use an overhead crane with different materials, check to see if it's level. This is paramount in the crane working like it's supposed to. Sometimes alignment issues can happen with this type of crane, especially when you go to lift heavy materials.

If you don't address misalignment, equipment damage can happen and so can costly accidents. It won't take you long to check for misalignment, and if detected, hire specialists that can get sections aligned just right. 

Take Care of Electrical Shorts Quickly

In order for an overhead crane to move from one location to another, it relies on electrical systems. These systems will eventually short out, and when they do, you need to have them repaired quickly so that your crane operations aren't halted indefinitely.

You want to hire an experienced electrician that deals with overhead cranes a lot for electrical shorts. They often happen because of carbon graphite dust buildup, and if that's the case with your crane's electrical components, this dust will be removed quickly.

If that doesn't fix the short, the electrician will continue working on solutions. Either way, you won't put yourself in danger by trying to figure out these shorts yourself.

In order to help an overhead crane work great for years and years, routine maintenance is required. You want to get this maintenance done because then, you won't be put in a position of part and system neglect. That's an easy way to limit the number of repairs each year.