Top Questions To Ask When Purchasing A Spiral Freezer

Posted on: 18 June 2021


You might have done your research about spiral freezers when looking for the right freezer for your food production facility, and you might have found that a spiral freezer is going to be the best choice for your business. What you might not know, though, is which spiral freezer you should buy. After all, as is the case with lots of different types of freezers and lots of different types of industrial equipment, there are a lot of choices, and making the right choice is important. These are some of the top questions that you should ask when purchasing your spiral freezer.

What Is the Capacity of the Freezer?

First of all, you should consider the capacity of the spiral freezer that you are looking at. After all, although most of these freezers do have higher capacities than other types of freezers, some of them are much larger than others. Consider the output in your facility and the number of items that you will need to be able to put through your freezer at one time.

What Are the Temperature Settings for the Freezer?

Some spiral freezers can be set at lower temperatures than others. You should consider your preferred freezing temperatures, and ask about the different temperature settings that each spiral freezer has. Then, you can choose one that will be suitable for your company's needs.

Is the Unit Energy-Efficient?

Of course, there are a couple of good reasons to look for a spiral freezer that is designed to be energy-efficient. For one thing, powering an industrial-sized freezer can be very costly when you have to do it on a daily basis, particularly if that unit is not designed with energy efficiency in mind. For another, when possible, you probably like to purchase equipment for your business that is environmentally friendly, and you may want to keep this in mind when buying your spiral freezing system.

How Long Does Freezing Take?

One good thing about spiral freezers in comparison to other freezers is the fact that they can help you freeze items much more quickly. However, some units are faster than others because of their design and other reasons. You may want to ask about how long it will take the freezer to freeze your food items so that you can focus on getting products frozen and ready for storage or shipping as quickly as possible. 

How Much Space Does the Freezer Take Up?

Lastly, you will probably want to inquire about the actual specifications of the entire unit, since you will need to make sure that you have room for it in your facility. Keep this information in mind when taking measurements in your facility so that you can choose the right unit.

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