Tips When Shipping Products Using Foam Inserts

Posted on: 21 October 2021


If you want to protect products throughout the shipping process, one solution you could rely on is a foam insert. It can keep damages from happening and give your products more support. You'll just need to use these tips when relying on foam inserts for shipping purposes.

Assess Product Dimensions

In order to get the most out of foam inserts for shipping, you want to account for the dimensions of products being supported by these materials. Then you can ensure your foam inserts go around the products perfectly, whether it's a firearm or a premium watch.

Once you have gotten these dimensions, you'll know how your foam inserts need to be designed by the foam insert manufacturer you hire to receive these shipping resources. They'll make sure there are enough cavities that are sized perfectly for the products you plan on offering more protection to.

Use Divider Panels for Multiple Products

If you plan on sending out multiple products in one case or box and want them all to be supported, then you'll need to incorporate dividers into your foam inserts. Then each product will remain well-supported throughout shipping to prevent damage from happening. The dividers will keep each product from moving around.

Again, you'll need to be careful about estimating the dimensions of products being shipped together. That ensures the dividers are spaced appropriately for optimal protection. The packaging will also look more professional when dividers are used to support multiple products at a time.

Consider Branding Them

You should remember that foam inserts aren't just resources that can protect products going out for shipment. They can also be used to market your products as well. You'll just need to think about ways you can brand these shipping materials. 

For instance, you could make the foam inserts a certain color that lines up with the color scheme of your company. Or you can have them branded with your company logo and name. These branding efforts will make product packaging stand out even more, which is key for making a lasting impression that can facilitate future sales with new and current customers. 

Foam inserts are important shipping resources because of the ample protection they can provide to all sorts of products. If you find foam inserts with the right properties like shape, materials, and color, then they will serve your shipping operations well and truly keep products from taking damage during shipping. Reach out to a foam inserts service near you to learn more.