5 Reasons Why Zinc Nickel Plating Makes An Excellent Choice For Industrial Metal Finishes

Posted on: 25 October 2021


Metal finishing or plating is common in manufacturing plants where thinner outer coats are applied to the original element. There are different types of metal coatings, which are selected based on the type of industrial application being used. A popular metal finish is zinc-nickel plating, helpful in offering a protective layer against water, moisture, and other rust-causing elements in the atmosphere. Generally, zinc-nickel coatings are applied on iron and steel surfaces because of their high tendency to rust.  In this post, you will learn more advantages of zinc-nickel finishing in your manufacturing processes. Read on for more information.

Zinc Nickel is a Low-Cost Finish

If you are looking for a low-cost metal finish for your application, zinc-nickel is an ideal choice. It is preferred for protecting your metal elements at a cheaper cost than other higher-priced metals like gold or silver.

It Offers Enhanced Durability 

Generally, zinc-nickel plating is lightweight and excellent for strengthening its substrate. That means coating metals with a zinc-nickel layer boosts their strength through the addition of a physical barrier. The barrier created deters moisture from reaching the base metal, which helps prevent rusting. A zinc-nickel finish is an excellent choice for preventing tarnishing since it corrodes considerably slower than other metals.

It is Environmentally Friendlier

Zinc-nickel plating is a more eco-friendlier option for metal finishing. That's because it can be recycled and reused over and over again.

Aesthetically Pleasing 

You can significantly enhance the appearance of your base metals by coating them with zinc-nickel finishes. Zinc is intrinsically shiny, and that makes it suited for automotive and aeronautical parts. Furthermore, you can add specific chemicals to remove or add different colors. Consider researching and learning more about zinc plating from online resources and guides.

Excellent Ductility and Thermal Resistance Properties 

Zinc-nickel plating is highly malleable and non-brittle, which helps offer a uniform coat thickness for an accurate and consistent finish. Furthermore, you can effortlessly build parts without losing their anti-corrosion resistance qualities due to their excellent flexibility. That is significantly crucial in a wide range of industries performing frequent part assembly or connection.

Heat resistance is also arguably a significant problem, especially for the automotive sector. The importance of having a higher heat protection degree in the vehicle engines and their components is of paramount importance. Zinc-nickel plating provides significant relief and resistance against thermal stress for temperatures of up to 200°C in automotive engines.

For more information, contact a zinc-nickel plating service.