Polyurethane Foam: The Best Packaging Material For Fragile Products

Posted on: 29 October 2021


Your products are valuable to you and your customers. Their condition influences your brand reputation significantly. Moreover, if they suffer damage during transportation, their functionality may be impeded, thereby compromising their usefulness to clients. Therefore, you need to ensure they have adequate protection before shipping. And, although custom build cartons may seem sufficient, it's advisable to add an extra protective layer using polyurethane foam packaging.

Essentials of Polyurethane Foam Packaging

Polyurethane is a soft and flexible plastic material. As a foam, it is cellular-structured and porous. Polyurethane foam's structure is a combination of a gas phase and solid phase. The gas phase is made from blowing agents, while the solid phase is a product of polyurethane elastomers. Polyurethane foam attributes qualities like low density, thermal insulation, and high-force absorption to the gas phase. When it comes to packaging, manufacturers can customize polyurethane foam to fit the needs of any product or item. Moreover, these experts can change the material's firmness and density to match your preferences. You can buy polyurethane foam blocks and shape and glue them to fit your products or, better yet, let expert manufacturers use molding devices to shape the packaging for you.

Reasons to Use Polyurethane Foam Packaging

If you wonder whether polyurethane foam packaging is ideal for your products, consider the following:

1. Extra protection

An excellent packaging solution should be able to cushion products in transit. That means it needs robustness able to protect goods from shuddering movements and accidents that cause damage. To that end, polyurethane foam is unrivaled. This material produces packaging that is strong and soft enough to cushion movements and absorb shocks and vibrations. Moreover, it performs well in high humidity environments and retains its position and shape, even in damaging situations. All these qualities enable polyurethane foam packaging to offer fragile products optimum protection.

2. Durability

Polyurethane foam is one of the most durable packaging materials. First, it has excellent waterproofing qualities that make it less absorbent compared to other alternatives. Therefore, you can use it to protect moisture-sensitive products like electronics without worrying about the packaging coming apart fast. Moreover, this plastic material resists scratches well. That makes it ideal in withstanding rough handling and lasting longer during transportation.

3. Customization

Reputable manufacturers offer you custom polyurethane foam packaging. Therefore, you can get packaging tailored to suit the unique needs of your specific business. For example, if impact is a deal-breaker for your products, manufacturers can tweak the density of your polyurethane foam packaging to ensure it has optimized impact resistance. Not to forget that this material's customizability enables you to acquire packaging shaped to fit your product. For instance, if your company deals with mobile phones, the packaging can come with accurately-sized cavities.

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