3 Major Cooling Tower Components

Posted on: 10 November 2021


A cooling tower can only function efficiently if its parts are in good condition. The major components in a cooling tower need to be inspected and repaired or replaced regularly to maintain the overall efficiency of the tower itself.

To provide this essential maintenance, you need to be familiar with the major components included in your cooling tower system.

1. Cold Water Basin

The cold water basin is a simple, yet extremely important component found in modern cooling towers. Water accumulates in the cold water basin in preparation for removal via a sump or pump suction line.

Without a functional cold water basin, stagnant water would begin to accumulate inside your cooling tower. This stagnant water could harbor bacteria colonies that may be harmful.

The cold water basins found on cooling towers in cold climates will often feature a heating element to prevent freezing.

Check your cold water basin regularly for evidence of cracks or leaks. Keeping the cold water basin in good repair will help ensure the overall cleanliness and efficiency of your cooling tower.

2. Fills

The fills are among the most important components in your cooling tower. Fills are responsible for ensuring optimum heat transfer between the air and water circulating through a cooling tower.

This is accomplished by the creation of more surface area in which the cooling media and working media can come into contact with one another.

Most cooling towers utilize film-style fills to produce thick strips of water that have larger evaporation rates. Fills also come in splash-style designs that increase the water surface area in a cooling tower by sending water cascading down onto slats that break up each water droplet.

It is important to replace damaged fills as quickly as possible to avoid compromising the efficiency of your cooling tower.

3. Air Inlet Louvers

The air inlet louvers are the most visible cooling tower parts. These louvers are designed to protect the integrity and function of your cooling tower.

Air inlet louvers help prevent water from splashing out of the cooling tower while it is in use. The louvers also work to prevent any dirt or debris from infiltrating the cooling tower and contaminating the water supply in the tower.

Exposure to external heat sources has the potential to compromise the thermal efficiency of a cooling tower. Air inlet louvers act as a shade to help block sunlight and prevent overheating.