Get Rid Of The Tape And Use Die-Cut Foam Adhesive Instead

Posted on: 10 March 2022


Does part of your manufacturing or assembly process involve getting multiple parts to stay together as one cohesive structure? If so, you might be using one or more types of tape to get everything to stick exactly where you need it to. But today, there's a more advanced way to ensure that all of your parts remain secure long-term and that's by using die-cut foam adhesive parts. Here are just some of the reasons why going this route with die-cut adhesive might be the right choice for your business.

Precise Attachment Can Help Ensure a Snug and Secure Hold and Fit

When you use die-cut foam adhesive, you can make sure that each part is an absolutely perfect fit for whatever you are attaching it to with no overlap. Die-cut foam can provide a strong hold or fit, allowing for greater peace of mind and confidence that your entire cohesive assembly will be stronger than the sum of its parts. It's also less likely that wear and tear will develop on your die-cut foam adhesive as easily as it might on a piece of tape that sticks out or wraps around the part in question, leading to greater durability for your customers or clients.

With Pre-Assembled Die Cut Foam Adhesive, Your Workers Can Simply Stick It in Place Instead of Having to Fuss With Rolls of Tape

Die-cut foam adhesive parts can be pre-assembled or manufactured for you and then shipped right to your assembly line. All your workers will have to do is stick the already assembled part into the spot where it's supposed to go and then move on to the next one. No one will have to deal with un-rolling and cutting tape over and over again, not to mention making sure the tape gets properly put into place in order to properly secure the part. An investment in die-cut foam adhesive can make your entire operation more efficient and that could boost your bottom line by allowing you to assemble more parts or finalized products within the same time frame.

Die Cut Foam Adhesive Might Actually Cost You Less Than Tape in the Long Run

Obviously, a roll of tape should cost you less than a highly customized piece of foam adhesive. But there is this thing called human error that could cause you to go through more tape than you might like. With die-cut foam, it's very simple to just put the part right into place. With tape being more finicky, there is a higher chance of mistakes occurring which would require the worker to rip off the old tape and try again, using more resources.  

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