Useful Features To Get For Aircraft Avionics Display Systems

Posted on: 7 June 2022


The electrical components of an aircraft fall under avionics. They're responsible for a lot of essential tasks, such as flight navigation and understanding weather systems in the area. If you're looking to purchase a new avionics display to control and monitor various electrical aspects in your aircraft, try to get the following features.

Rugged Design

Pilots use avionics displays each time they're up in the air, which means they're going to be put through a lot of wear and tear. You want to account for this by getting an avionics display system with a rugged design. It should have long-lasting materials that will resist damage so that you can use this system without worrying about what you'll do to it.

Weatherproof materials are a good starting point, but it would also help if the avionics display system was impact-resistant. Then whatever conditions it's exposed to, the screen is going to continue providing detailed and vibrant flight information that you need to see when flying. 

Sunlight Readable

There are going to be situations where you're flying directly into sunlight. Even during these times, you still need to be able to see your avionics display in the front cockpit to make the right decisions. You'll have no issues with this if you get an avionics display system that is completely sunlight readable.

Even if sunlight shines directly on the screen, you'll still be able to see relevant flight information like weather projections and current coordinates. This way, you're always able to make the right decisions when flying around any conditions.

Touch-Screen Enabled 

Eventually when flying an aircraft, you'll have to scroll through the avionics display to see different readings and flight conditions. You'll be able to do this conveniently each time if your avionics display system is touch-screen enabled.

Instead of having to use manual knobs that waste time and aren't always responsive, you can just click on different parts of your avionics display to see different readings that are relevant to what you're doing at the moment. The response will be immediate, thus saving you time when navigating through the avionics display.

If you have an aircraft that needs a new avionics display system, you want to search the marketplace carefully until you find a model that has all of the right features. Then you can use the display in a convenient manner and thus have better flight experiences over the years. 

For more information about aircraft avionic systems, contact a local company.