Should You Go For That High-Efficiency HVAC unit?

Posted on: 14 November 2022


The installation of a new commercial HVAC system in your building is a big deal because now you have a chance to install something that is highly efficient compared to your older system. Not only will a new system function more effectively than a failing older system, of course, but the technology has also improved over the years. You have an opportunity to take that efficiency one step further by installing a high-efficiency HVAC system. As far as HVAC systems go, these are terrific, but you do want to think through the purchase carefully to ensure there are no surprises.

Initial Costs and Later Savings

One thing that shouldn't be a surprise is that a high-efficiency HVAC system will be more expensive to purchase. You'll spend more initially on this system than you would a regular HVAC system. If you are dealing with a very tight budget, that initial purchase price may be too much or may strain the budget terribly. If you can afford it at all, though, take a look at the projected cost of use over time. The efficiency could be so good that the lower cost of operating the system could make up for that initial outlay very quickly. That's something you might want to take a chance on.

Better Use of Utilities, Especially on High-Demand Days

A more efficient system not only helps your utility bills, but it also helps conserve the fuel needed to run the system. You're using less electricity to power the system, for example, which means you're drawing less power from the city grid. On days when the grid is under a lot of strain, that reduction in power use can only be beneficial for everyone involved. You may still be subject to power outages planned by the utility system, but you're at least helping stave off those outages a bit.

You'll Need to Be Careful With Maintenance Either Way

One misconception about high-efficiency HVAC systems is that they require more maintenance and attention. Both high-efficiency and regular HVAC systems need careful maintenance to make them last as long as they can. Both types are built using durable parts; it's the use that causes them to wear down, though, not the types of parts used in each system. The only reason you might perform more maintenance on one instead of the other is that the specific operating conditions for each were different and affected the systems in different ways.

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