Cooling Tower Fans — Selection Tips To Remember

Posted on: 10 February 2023


Cooling towers are often needed on industrial sites that create a lot of heat and thus need a safe way to disperse it into the environment safely. These towers have many integral parts. If you ever need to buy replacement fans for said system, use this buying guide to make the right investment. 

Decide Between Standard and Custom

You can have fans for cooling towers customized or you can just buy standard fans that have already been put on the marketplace. Take your time looking at both options so that you can make a great investment without regrets later on.

For instance, standard cooling tower fans might be more affordable and can be shipped to your site quickly. Whereas custom cooling tower fans need a little more time to be put together. However, they can be built according to your exact specifications and this might be important if your cooling tower fan needs are unique.

Look For a Wear-Resistant Design

Fans in cooling towers will stay running to circulate air throughout the system, which means you want to make sure they have a wear-resistant design. Then even the constant motion won't cause them to break down.

You want this type of design because it will safeguard you from frequent repairs that could become costly later on. A cooling tower fan will be wear-resistant if it's made from durable materials like steel and also has some type of protective coating on it. Said design will help prolong the lifespan of said cooling tower part.

Pay Careful Attention to Fan Dimensions

One of the more important physical properties of a cooling tower fan is its size. This will impact how it sets up and directs air for proper heat dispersion into the environment. You want to make sure you get a big enough cooling tower fan that fits inside said system perfectly.

You should be able to find out the dimensions of these fans with ease fortunately before you make a purchase. Just be sure you focus on dimensions that you know are compatible with your specific cooling tower. Then you can avoid missteps when completing this transaction.

If you want your cooling tower to work great at distributing heat created by a big and powerful system, then you'll need quality fans. Finding the right replacements isn't hard if you just focus on relevant properties and take your specific cooling tower into consideration for this investment. 

Reach out to a cooling tower parts supplier for more information.